Biological Nanostructures and Nanomedicine

In the group research activities methods and tools of advanced nanotechnology are applied to investigations of biological structures at the nanoscale. Those nanostructures are monitored in live cells and tissues as well as in isolated molecular systems. The results are used for developing new methods of medical diagnostics, pharmacological drug testing, monitoring the toxicity of nanomaterials, and also for better understanding of basic processes responsible for the progress and therapeutic treatment of several civilization diseases.

Group members
  • prof. dr hab. Marek Szymoński - Head
  • prof. dr hab. Jerzy Konior
  • dr hab. Ewelina Lipiec
  • dr Kamila Sofińska
  • dr Natalia Wilkosz
  • mgr Magdalena Rusaczonek
  • mgr Sara Seweryn
  • mgr Katarzyna Skirlińska
prof. dr hab. Marek Szymoński
room: B-1-04
phone: 12 664 46 24
dr hab. Ewelina Lipiec
room: B-1-15
phone: 12 664 45 85